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Dr. Pramod Kadu
Assistant Professor (M. Pharm, Ph.D.)
Dr. Kadu Pramod K
Area of Specialisation


Academic: 10 years
Industry: 1 Year

Interest areas
Enzymatically controlled drug delivery systems

Publications: 11 

Recent publications

  • Shreya M Palwankar, Pravin P Kale, Pramod K Kadu, Kedar Prabhavalkar, Assessment of Antidiabetic Activity of Combination of Murraya koenigii Leaves Extract and Vitis vinifera Seeds Extract in Alloxan-induced Diabetic Rats, Journal of Reports in Pharmaceutical Sciences,(2020),9(1),79-85. 
  • Ruchita Ravindra Dhangar, Pravin Popatrao Kale, Pramod Kerunath Kadu, Kedar Prabhavalkar, Possible Benefits of Considering Glutamate with Melatonin or Orexin or Oxytocin as a Combination Approach in the Treatment of Anxiety, Current Pharmacology Reports,(2020),6(1),1-7. 
  • Jegan Sakthivel Nadar, Pravin Popatrao Kale, Pramod Kerunath Kadu, Kedar Prabhavalkar, Ruchita Dhangar, Potentiation of antidepressant effects of agomelatine and bupropion by hesperidin in mice, Neurology research international,(2018),7(1),61-67. 
  • Shreya Dhopavkar, Nivedita Bhatkal, Pramod Kadu, Design and development of a topical anti-fungal transfersomal gel, Latin American Journal of Pharmacy,(2017),36(8),1618-1630. 
  • Dheeraj L. Patingrao and Pramod Kadu, Formulation and evaluation of clarithromycin gastroretentive dosage form, J. Chem. Pharm. Res., 2014, 6(7):82-89. 
  •   Dr. amrita bajaj, Dr. Pramod kadu, Dr. Nandkumar chodankar, Topical film forming spray formulations of s-ibuprofen, International journal of pharmaceutical research and bio-science,(2015),4(3),180-196. 
  • Vishal Rokade and Dr. Pramod Kadu ,Formulation and evaluation of novel anti-bacterial ciprofloxacin loaded niosomal cream,Int. Res. J. Pharm.(2015),6(8),519-527. 
  •  Sneha Sawant, pramod Kadu, Sweta Savla, Vishal Rokade and Ankita Surjuse, Solubilization: A Bane for Anti-malarial Drugs, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research,(2015),7(3),1-8. 
  • Pramod Kadu, Preeti Sangave, Enzymatic method for the synthesis of glyceryl monosterate, Journal of Pharmacy Research, 2010, 3(2), 386-387. 
  • Extraction and identification of bioactive components from Aloe barbadensis Miller, T Choche, S Shende, P Kadu - Res Rev J Pharmacogn Phytochem, (2014),3(2),14-23. 

Received best poster award for a poster presented in a conference sponsored by Pune University in March 2013.
Patent: 2 Provisional patent

Professional Membership
Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)

E-mail (O):

Tel. (O): 022- 4233 2052 (Ext. 2164)