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Dr. Kedar S. Prabhavalkar
Assistant Professor (M. Pharm, Ph.D.)
Dr. Kedar S. Prabhavalkar

Area of Specialization         

9 years

Interest areas             
Psychopharmacology, Parkinson's disease

Publications: 11
Presentations: 03

Recent Publications

  • Chaudhary N, Bhatt LK, Prabhavalkar KS, Experimental animals model for rheumatoid arthritis, 40 (3), 2018, 193-200.
  • Lotankar, S., Prabhavalkar, K. S., & Bhatt, L. K. (2017). Biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease: recent advancement. Neuroscience Bulletin, 1-13.
  • Sanchala, D., Bhatt, L. K., & Prabhavalkar, K. S. (2017). Therapeutic approaches for the treatment of epidermal growth factor receptor mutated lung cancer. Current cancer drug targets.
  • Sanchala, D.S., Bhatt, L.K. and Prabhavalkar, K.S., 2017. Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Viral Therapy: A Stride toward Selective Targeting of Cancer Cells. Frontiers in pharmacology8.
  • Menon, N., Prabhavalkar, K. S., & Bhatt, L. K. (2017). Neuropeptides: A promising target for treating seizures. Neuropeptides.
  • Bhounsule, A. S., Bhatt, L. K., Prabhavalkar, K. S., & Oza, M. (2017). Cyclin Dependent Kinase 5: A novel avenue for alzheimer’s disease. Brain Research Bulletin.
  • Phatak A, Prabhavalkar KS. Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis of Extract of Spermadictyon suaveolens and Its Effect on Oral Glucose Tolerance in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats. International Journal of Toxicological and Pharmacological Research, 2017.
  • Bhounsule AS, Bhatt LK, Prabhavalkar KS, Oza M. Cyclin dependent kinase 5: A novel avenue for Alzheimer's disease. Brain Res Bull 2017, 132:28-38.
  • Sanchala DS, Bhatt LK, Prabhavalkar KS. Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Viral Therapy: A Stride toward Selective Targeting of Cancer Cells. Front Pharmacol 2017, 16; 8:270. 
  • Mishra R, Prabhavalkar KS, Bhatt LK. Preparation, optimization, and evaluation of Zaltoprofen-loaded microemulsion and microemulsion-based gel for transdermal delivery.J Liposome Res. 2016 Jan 19:1-10.
  • Prabhavalkar KS, Poovanpallil NB, Bhatt LK. Management of bipolar depression with lamotrigine: an antiepileptic mood stabilizer. Front Pharmacol. 2015 Oct 23;6:242.
  • Pingle T and Prabhavalkar K. Pharmacological evaluation of a novel formulation for Anti-Parkinsonian effect. Asian Journal of Pharmacology & Toxicology 2015 :03(09) Epub Ahead of print
  • Parikh F and Prabhavalkar K. Anticonvulsant profile of combination of A.squamosa, N jatamansi, B.monnieri and Epicaps in Mice. JOHR 2015; 4(2): 140-147 

Professional Memberships         
Life member of Pharmacy Council of India


Tel. (O)   022 42332065