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Manisha J. Oza
Assistant Professor (M. Pharm)
Area of Specialization

Academic: 9

Interest areas
Phytochemical research, isolation and characterization of natural drug molecules

Publications: 2 (National)
Presentations: 4
She has received a research grant from Mumbai University during 2010-11 and 2014-15

Recent Publications
  • Vasanti S, Utkarsh P, Anila K, Manisha O. Development and Characterization of Solid Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery System Containing Nateglinide. Asian journal of Pharmaceutics 2017, 11 (1): 27- 36.
  • Yogesh A. Kulkarni, Mayuresh S. Garud, Manisha J. Oza, Kalyani H. Barve, Anil B. Gaikwad (2016). Diabetes, diabetic complications, and flavonoids. In: Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs, Academic Press: Elsevier, USA. 77-104.
  • Oza, Manisha J., and Yogesh A. Kulkarni. "Traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of the medicinal species of the genus Cordia (Boraginaceae)." Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (2017).
  • Kambli, L., Bhatt, L. K., Oza, M., & Prabhavalkar, K. (2017). Novel therapeutic targets for epilepsy intervention. Seizure51, 27-34.

Professional Memberships- 
Life member of APTI

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022 42332060