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Rashmi Mallya
Assistant Professor (M. Pharm)

Academic: 14 years

Thrust Research Areas:
Herbal formulations, Phytochemistry and Biological screening

Publications/ Presentations:
Publications: 17
Presentations: 20

Research/ Sanctioned Projects:
Completed: 03 (University of Mumbai minor research grants.)
Ongoing: 01 (Govt funded)

Research students guided: M. Pharm.-
Conferences: Seminars/ Workshops attended: 20
Recent Publications

  • Mallya R and Bhitre, M. Pharmacognostic standardisation and chromatographic fingerprinting of leaves and fruits of Z anthoxylum rhetsa. International journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, 2018;10(4):101-104
  • Pratik T, Rashmi M, Importance of colon targeted drug delivery systems in herbal medicine. International journal of pharmaceutical sciences and research, 2017, pp. 4513-4524.
  • Dias L, Mallya R and Patani K Development and Validation of New RP-HPLC Method for Estimation of Mephenesin and Ibuprofen. International Journal of Pharmaceutical  Sciences and Research2016; 7(12): 1000-07.
  • Monica D and Rashmi M. Development and Evaluation of a Novel Delivery System Containing Phytophospholipid Complex for Skin Aging AAPS PharmSciTech (Online Published in August 2015).
  • Anishkumar C, Rashmi M and Tabassum K. Novel Therapeutic Targets for Management of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus. 2016;16(1):16-30.
  • Rashmi M, Padmini R. 2015 'Formulation and  evaluation of Natural hair colorants' .International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences , Vol 7(3), 347-349
  • Jignesh K, Kedar P, Rashmi M.(2015) 'Development of a microemulsion gel comprising of Etodolac',World journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.,Vol 4(4).
Professional Memberships:

    Life member of APTI
    Life member of ISTE

Tel. (O)- 022 42332052 (Ext. 2048)