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Dr. Manisha J. Oza
Assistant Professor (M. Pharm. Ph.D.)

Academic: 11 Years

Thrust Research areas:

Phytopharmacology mainly focusing on molecular pharmacology (diabetes and complications) Herbal drug formulation
Publications/ Presentations:
Publications: 17
Presentations: 4
She has received a research grant from Mumbai University during 2010-11 and 2014-15


Received third prize for the poster entitled “Progression of diabetic neuropathy in type 2 diabetes in Sprague Dawley rats” in poster competition at three days “International Conference on Challenges in Drug Discovery & Delivery”, organized by Department of Pharmacy, BITS Pilani, and Pilani Campus, 2nd -4th March, 2017.

Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars attended: 09

Research/ Sponsored projects:

Completed- 2 (University of Mumbai minor research grant)

Ongoing- 1 (University of Mumbai minor research grant)

Research Students: 1
Recent Publications
  • Shah KH, and Oza, MJ. Comprehensive Review of Bioactive and Molecular Aspects of Moringa Oleifera Lam. Food review international. 5th Oct. 2020. (Impact factor -4.113) 
  • Oza, MJ, & Kulkarni, YA.  Formononetin Ameliorates Diabetic Neuropathy by Increasing Expression of SIRT1 and NGF. Chemistry and biodiversity.2020.17 (6),1-13  (Impact factor -2.039) 
  • Oza, MJ, & Kulkarni, YA.Trifolium pratense (Red Clover) Improve SIRT1 Expression and Glycogen Content in High Fat Diet-Streptozotocin Induced Type 2 Diabetes in Rats. Chemistry and biodiversity.2020.17 (4), 1-14 (Impact factor -1.44) 
  •  Oza, MJ, & Kulkarni, YA. Formononetin alleviates diabetic cardiomyopathy by inhibiting oxidative stress and upregulating SIRT1 in rats. Asian pacific journal of tropical biomedicine.2020. 10 (6), 254-262. (Impact factor -1.903) 
  • Sankrityayan H, Oza MJ, Kulkarni YA, Mulay SR, Gaikwad AB. ER stress response mediates diabetic microvascular complications. Drug Discov Today. 2019. pii: S1359-6446(19)30314-9. (Impact Factor: 6.88 
  • Oza MJ and Kulkarni YA. Formononetin attenuates kidney damage in type 2 diabetic rats. Life sciences.2019. 219, 109-121. (Impact Factor: 3.234) 
  • Oza MJ and Kulkarni YA. A novel contribution to quality standards of Trifolium pratense L., A dietary supplement. Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources (IJNPR).2018. 9 (4), 311-330. 
  • Oza MJ and Kulkarni YA. Biochanin A improves insulin sensitivity and controls hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy.2018. 107, 1119-1127. (Impact Factor: 3.457
  • Oza MJ and Kulkarni YA. Formononetin Treatment in Type 2 Diabetic Rats Reduces Insulin Resistance and Hyperglycemia. Frontiers in Pharmacology.2018. 9, 739.  (Impact Factor: 3.804)
  • Gupta A, Shah K, Oza MJ and Behl T. Reactivation of p53 gene by MDM2 inhibitors: A novel therapy for cancer treatment. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy.2018. 109, 484-492. (Impact Factor: 3.457
  • Oza MJ and Kulkarni YA. Traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of the medicinal species of the genus Cordia (Boraginaceae). Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 2017.69(7):755-789. (Impact Factor: 2.405) 
  • Oza MJ and Kulkarni YA. Phytochemicals and complications in type 2 diabetes- an update. IJPSR. 2016; Vol. 7(1): 14-24. 
  • Kambli L, Bhatt LK, Oza MJ, Prabhavalkar K. Novel therapeutic targets for epilepsy intervention. Seizure.2017. 51, 27-34. (Impact Factor: 2.83)   
  • Bhounsule AS, Bhatt LK, Prabhavalkar KS, Oza MJ. Cyclin Dependent Kinase 5: A novel avenue for alzheimer’s disease. Brain Research Bulletin.2017. 132, 28-38.  (Impact Factor: 3.44
  • Prajapati MS, Patel JB, Modi K, Shah MB. Leucas aspera: A review. Pharmacognosy reviews.2010. 4(7), 85.
  • Mallya R, Oza MJ, Ravikumar P, Apte M. Phytochemical and pharmacological studies of stem bark of Cordia myxa extract. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.2015. 7(3).  
  • Prajapati MS, Shah MB, Saluja AK, Shah UD, Shah SK. Research Article Antiasthmatic Activity of Methanolic Extract of Sphaeranthus indicusInternational Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research.2010. 2(3): 15-19.
Professional Memberships:

Life member of APTI
Life member of ISTE

Contact details:
Tel (O.) 022 4233 2052 (Ext. 2060)