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College library

The BNCP Central Library is an important part of our institute. It is an essential component of the institute's outstanding education and research mission. It is a place where students can place themselves comfortably with the books to seek / enhance information. It provides a friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge. It is well equipped with a lot of books and research journals that are aimed to promote conceptual clarity, understanding, innovation and discovery.

The Central Library has an area of 1800 sq ft with comfortable air conditioned reading and reference sections. It is well stocked with books and journals (both national and international). The library has subscription of Science Direct- Elsevier e-journals.

The mission of our Central Library is to induce and encourage our students to enhance learning through reading books and journals. This will foster creation of better scientific minds equipped with new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources.

Our college has also subscription to many electronic databases. To access library e-Resources click on the links below-

Library e-resources SVKM



Library Resources
Computer Laboratory

Our computer laboratory is well equipped with about 21 computers with internet access available to all students. The lab is comfortably designed to seat about 25 people with air conditioning. It is available for use to students for their regular computer practical sessions as well as for preparation of seminar / symposia presentations.


We have about 7 classrooms of adequate size and comfortable seating arrangement. All are air conditioned and equipped with facilities for delivery of lectures using blackboard, overhead projector and computer power point presentations.