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Student Support
  • Anti-ragging
  • Counselling support
  • Important Contact Numbers
Anti-Ragging Cell

Anti-Ragging Committee

Convener: Dr. Munira Momin (Member Secretary)

Members: Dr. Sujata Sawarkar

Dr. Prabha Singh

Dr. Gaurav Doshi

Dr. Meenal Rane

Dr. Arundhati Abhyankar

Dr. Mihir Khambete

Mrs. Reshma Sidhwani

Mrs. Prajakta More

Mr. Anand Rane

Senior Inspector, Juhu Police Station

Ms.Jigisha Bhatt, Inner Wheel Club (NGO)

First Year B.Pharm student

First Year B.Pharm student parent

Mrs. Student Parent

Mr. Final Year B. Pharm student


Anti- Ragging Squad

Convener:Dr. Munira Momin (Member Secretary)

Members: Dr. Tabassum Khan

Dr. Maheshkumar Borkar

Dr. Madhavi Apte

Mr. Sankalp Gharat

Mrs. Sarika Phatak

Mr. Bhupendra Nirgun

Mr. Harishkumar Matkar

Third Year B.Pharm student


Students, parents and all staff of BNCP can avail of counselling services at the college free of cost.

ssues addressed are:

  • Low confidence and Low Self Image
  • Handling Peer Pressure
  • Managing Stress related to academics and personal Issues
  • Group Adaptation and handling diversity
  • Building positive thoughts and nurturing strengths
  • Working on Addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs etc
  • Cell phone addiction etc


Seeking Help is an act of courage and a timely help can work to transform you into a positive,progressive and goal oriented  individual.


To book an appointment-

Ms. Vanmala Rao


Mobile no. 9967861407

* Open to all Students, Parents & Staff *